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Samsung Biometric Privacy Case

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet User?


Samsung Biometric Privacy Case

Earlier in 2022, electronics giant Samsung faced several accusations of having collected and stored facial scans of Galaxy phone and tablet users without their knowledge and consent. If these allegations are true, Samsung’s actions would amount to a clear violation of its users’ privacy. As a result, a growing number of people are signing up to join a Samsung biometric privacy class action.

Privacy violation allegations

Allegations first arose in Illinois, where Samsung was accused of having violated the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). For reasons the company has not yet explained, it appears that it has been running a sophisticated facial recognition technology in the background of its Gallery app to create face templates, without the customer’s consent – not to mention any other people who may be in the photographs.  

Facial features are unique to every individual, much like fingerprints, which means they fall under the banner of biometric data. Biometric data is protected by Illinois’s BIPA law. The law stipulates that companies may collect this data, but only after taking certain steps and with the user’s full knowledge and consent. Samsung appears to have flagrantly contravened this law. As other users across the country also start to make claims against the company, the electronics company’s actions clearly violate similar laws in other states as well.

Samsung biometric privacy lawsuit or arbitration?

Although at least one class-action lawsuit has now been filed against Samsung, the company has argued that customers cannot sue over this or any other matter. The reason for this is that customers agree to arbitrate any claims that might arise against the company when they purchase and set up their devices. As a result, attorneys are handling the matter on a mass arbitration basis.

Arbitration involves the settlement of a dispute without taking the matter to court. No judge or jury is involved. Instead, a third-party arbitrator is called upon to decide the case. Owners of Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets now have an opportunity to contact a class action lawyer and potentially join a mass arbitration against Samsung. At this stage, there are no guarantees, and the class action is still developing, but customers who sign up for the class action could potentially be entitled to as much as $5,000 in damages.  

Samsung Biometric Privacy FAQ’s

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