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Client Arbitrations Against PNC Bank for Unfair Overdraft Fees

Clients could reclaim their fees (and more) through arbitration


Client Arbitrations Against PNC Bank for Unfair Overdraft and NSF (Non-Sufficient Fund) Fees

Shamis & Gentile, P.A. is accepting qualified clients to bring claims against PNC bank for their allegedly unfair overdraft and NSF (Non-Sufficient Fund) practices which have cost customers millions of dollars. If you are a PNC bank customer who has been charged an overdraft fee within the past four years, see if you qualify to arbitrate.

You do not pay. All attorney fees will be collected from PNC in winning cases.

Qualify quickly and easily by submitting your most recent account statement showing the eligible fees. Our team will inform you if your charges are eligible to be reclaimed in arbitration.

Overdraft Fees Most Impact Those Least Able to Afford Them

Major banks including PNC rely heavily on overdraft fees for revenue. According to Consumer Finance, estimated overdraft fee revenues totaled $15.47 billion in 2019 alone. PNC and other major banks prey on their most vulnerable customers that are already struggling to make ends meet in order to increase profits for their shareholders. Shamis Gentile simply cannot stand for this kind of predatory behavior that targets the average American. We will fight for you to reclaim your fees.

PNC Bank Unfair Overdraft Fee Investigation

Shamis & Gentile, P.A. is accepting cases against PNC bank for their allegedly unfair overdraft and NSF practices.

PNC bank is a multi-billion-dollar company sporting nearly 3,000 branches and over 9,000 ATMs nationwide. In June 2021, PNC bank acquired BBVA, another large banking chain operating mainly in the Southwestern United States. Customers who previously banked with BBVA are now PNC customers. However, with the transition, many legacy BBVA customers may not have received adequate disclosure of PNC’s (or BBVA’s in previous years) overdraft practices.

Additionally, PNC customers without the bank’s Virtual Wallet and Low Cash Mode enabled could be suffering from allegedly unfair overdraft fees. Shamis Gentile believes PNC bank should be responsible for offering complete transparency about their overdraft practices to all customers – both old and new – and that customers using special PNC products shouldn’t have more protection from overdraft fees than those that don’t.

Shamis & Gentile, P.A. is pursuing cases on behalf of customers who have been unfairly and illegally charged overdraft and NSF fees. You may be qualified to join this arbitration investigation. If your case is signed with Shamis Gentile, our firm will represent you in the arbitration hearings at no charge to you. If you lose, you pay nothing. If you win, our firm collects relevant fees from PNC bank.


PNC Bank Unfair Overdraft Fee FAQ’s

Who Can Make Claims Against PNC Bank?

How Does an Arbitration Work?

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